CIRCASIA: Engaging the creeks

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Investigación/Docencia Circasia: engaging the creeks  Master in Landscape ArchitectureUniversity of Pennsylvania  Diego Bermudez Obregón Graduation Project  . Read more The existing urban fabric of Circasia usually expands occupying both valuable agricultural and environmentally rich land, without any concern for topography, hydrology, biodiversity, or sustainability. In the south, deep creeks interrupt Circasia’s urban fabric. Circasians are […]

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Investigación/Docencia Redrawing the coast Diego Bermudez Obregón   Read more After several years of violence and economic isolation, Colombia’s image has shifted. Several international treaties have been signed and Colombia has been targeted by new travelers and powerful international investors. A forbidden destination less than a decade ago, Colombia welcomes now more than 2 million […]

Tunal Experimental, 35 years later

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Conceived as a model to be used all throughout the country, it was created on the margins of the normal conditions of social housing production. Only two pilot projects would be built, Tunal and Kennedy, both in the city of Bogotá, and were intended to demonstrate the advantages of the proposed construction system.

Island City

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In a city that has traditionally expanded through residential neighborhoods, a significant part of the current urban regulations, the luring profits of the real-estate business, a lifestyle based on the private and the exaltation of security, the gated community is enthroned as the basic cell of urban growth.