Bermúdez Arquitectos

Circasia: engaging the creeks 

Master in Landscape Architecture
University of Pennsylvania

Diego Bermudez Obregón

Graduation Project 


The existing urban fabric of Circasia usually expands occupying both valuable agricultural and environmentally rich land, without any concern for topography, hydrology, biodiversity, or sustainability. In the south, deep creeks interrupt Circasia’s urban fabric. Circasians are aware of the environmental degradation and poor quality of the waterways in the rural hinterland impacted by untreated urban runoff that ends up in the creeks.

The creeks offer the opportunity to become areas of social interaction, establishing compelling connections with the natural systems. They can be used as open spaces for recreation, incorporating low impact mobility (for pedestrians and bikers), fostering habitat protection and water conservation. The specific design proposal focuses on how to redefine the relation of the settlements with one of the urban creeks in Circasia, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy this green corridor, creating a network of compelling public spaces and addressing environmental issues.