Bermúdez Arquitectos

Banal de Arquitectura 2016, Bogotá

Typological formulation of the gated community

An eatable round table around the Island City project.

October 13th, 2016.

ISLAND CITY (Daniela Sanjinés, David Kostenwien y Ramón Bermúdez), Colectivo Manila Santana (Camila Sanjinés, Manel Quintana) y Antonio Bermúdez

As part of the 1st “Banal de Arquitectura” of 2016 (, organized by CAMPO y laagencia, we set up a round table, curated by the art collective Manila Santana that was interested in discussing the foundations for a typological formulation of the gated community, with Bogotá a as case study. The combination of participants from different disciplines and the active mix of proponents and attending pubic allowed for a more intuitive, and less calculated, debate. The round table itself was a piece of performance art, created by the collective Manila Santana, on which different types of food represented an urban tissue that would disintegrate as the participants conversed, took tea and time passed.

Link to the video:

Video editing by Antonio Bermúdez