Bermúdez Arquitectos

Redrawing the coast

Diego Bermudez Obregón


After several years of violence and economic isolation, Colombia’s image has shifted. Several international treaties have been signed and Colombia has been targeted by new travelers and powerful international investors. A forbidden destination less than a decade ago, Colombia welcomes now more than 2 million visitors per year. This rapid economic and touristic boom provides good opportunities for growth but is having dramatic consequences for urban communities and its surrounding ecosystems.
The Caribbean region of Colombia is one of the most important regions for tourism in the country. Unfortunately, cities in this region don’t have the tools or the criteria to expand in a sustainable way in terms of competitiveness, sustainability, social inclusion and urban quality.
The perception of the Caribbean coast in Colombia is the one of a line. Development has occurred ignoring the immediate context, trying to imitate the image of the internationally sold Caribbean paradise, disregarding and threatening a unique environment.