Tunal Experimental, 35 years later

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Investigación/Docencia Tunal Experimental, 35 years later. The Colombian social housing experiments of the 1970´s. 2008   Read more On September 15th of 1972, the “Unidad de Poder Adquisitivo Constante” enterd into force, a policy that would mark the beginning of a new era in housing politics in Colombia.1 The state would gradually hand over the […]

El Salado Memorial.

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Investigación/Docencia El Salado Memorial. Participatory design project for the community of El Salado, Bolívar. Fundación Semana. 2014-2017 In collaboration with Claudia Olalla and José Roberto Bermúdez. Team: Andrés Rengifo, Jorge Alarcón, Daniela García, Ricardo Arias. Technical Consultants: Diego Bermúdez (Landscape Design), Bernardo Rodríguez (Plumbing Engineering), Álvaro Camacho (Structural Engineering) Read more The memorial project in […]

Banal de Arquitectura Bogotá, 2016

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Investigación/Docencia Banal de Arquitectura 2016, Bogotá Typological formulation of the gated community An eatable round table around the Island City project. October 13th, 2016. ISLAND CITY (Daniela Sanjinés, David Kostenwien y Ramón Bermúdez), Colectivo Manila Santana (Camila Sanjinés, Manel Quintana) y Antonio Bermúdez Read more As part of the 1st “Banal de Arquitectura” of 2016 […]

Island City

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Investigación/Docencia Island City  Collaborative research on gated communities Daniela Sanjinés, David Kostenwien, Ramón Bermúdez 2015-2017   Read more It is a fact: Bogotá is rapidly colonizing the agricultural valleys of its surrounding highlands in absence of a clear urban project, resulting in the irreversible conurbation of a dozen of urban settlements in the region. This […]