Bermúdez Arquitectos

Vertical design studio – Building Technology

Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Vertical design studio – Building technology
Professors: Sebastián Serna Hosie, Ramón Bermúdez Obregón

“There is no creativity without knowledge.”1
-Pablo Palazuelo

Building technology, as a necessary instrument for the conception and construction of habitable places, traces the limitations and possibilities of the materials used in the conformation of architectural space.

As a tool, and never an objective on its own, the possibilities of the technical dimension can transcend the merely instrumental condition; it offers us rationalism and sensibility, facilitating the mediation process between materiality and esthetics.

The ultimate purpose of architecture is to enrich in a truthful manner the everyday experience of man. This becomes possible if the experience of architecture actually moves the senses, if it is respectful to the environment and if it adds value to the places of intervention. If additionally, it is consistent with its era and employs a measured use of available materials, it can provide pertinence, that is, a coherent unfolding between history and geography, its surroundings and its people.

1 Pablo Palazuelo. “No hay creatividad sin conocimiento.”

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