Bermúdez Arquitectos

UA: Triángulo del Fenicia

Universidad de los Andes
Unidad Avanzada (Advanced Unit)
Professor: Daniel Bermúdez  

On this occasion, the faculty decided that all the projects of the Advanced Units should be located within the “Triángulo de Fenicia”, a triangular city district in which the University is actively involved with different types of projects (academic, social and urban regeneration). During the course, the students are asked to choose one of the following options, to be developed from a vision of the design studio about the way in which the terrain will be re-urbanized:

1. Dwelling and its complementary uses, the very reason of existence of the city.

2. University institutions, the expansion of the existing universities of the sector. Integrated in the city or in on closed campuses?

3. Hybrid, multiuse buildings: centers of work, commerce and dwelling. Does “Bogota-ness” exist?

4. Institutional services: spaces of community services. The public.

The study and analysis of how each of these programs are present in the existing city will be ongoing and advanced throughout the course of the semester.

<h10>1. Jose A Michelsen: Cubiertas</h10> <h10>2. Jose A Michelsen: Espacio Público</h10> <h10>3. Jose A Michelsen: Corte</h10> <h10>4. Jose A Michelsen_Corte</h10> <h10>5. Jose A Michelsen: Dibujo</h10> <h10>6. Jose A Michelsen: Imagen</h10>