Bermúdez Arquitectos

30/05/2019 | Bermúdez Arquitectos in the quarterly magazine Archivos de Arquitectura Antillana (AAA) on its 070 edition “the flows and influences of architecture in the DR (Dominican Republic)”

This edition approaches the works of a group of architects which come from very different backgrounds but with a common denominator: all of them have or are executing projects in the Dominican Republic. In order to investigate beyond the works completed in this country by these various authors, this edition seeks to present an overview of proposals from diverse contexts, exploring high quality international projects from these architects.

Bermúdez Arquitectos was included in this number with a total of 9 projects which have different urban scales and levels of development among which are: the Boston Neighborhood, the Tropical University Campus for the Universidad Minuto de Dios in Villavicencio, the Faculty of Arts and School of Architecture buildings at the Universidad de los Andes and Ágora Bogotá, executed collectively with Estudio Herreros, which were also invited to contribute to the edition.


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