Bermúdez Arquitectos

Ágora Bogotá Convention Center

Bogotá, 2018 | Completed, 65.000 m2 | Collaboration with Estudio Herreros, Madrid.

Estrategia Urbana
Diagrama Espacial
Piso 1 y Exteriores
Piso 2
Piso 3
Piso 4
Piso 5
Corte 3
Corte 5
Corte H
Fachada + Atrio
Salón + Baño

Design: Bermúdez Arquitectos + Estudio Herreros. Daniel Bermúdez, Juan Herreros, Jens Richter.
Project Directors: Ramón Bermúdez, Stan van der Maas y Gonzalo Rivas
Design Team: Carmen Antón (eH), Juan Carlos Ardila (BA), David Barbosa (BA), Jaime Barrera (BA), Julián Beltrán (BA), Camilo Brito (BA), David Caballero (BA), Laura Dorado (BA), María Franco (eH), Raúl García (eH), David Gómez (BA), Airam González (eH), Iván Guerrero (eH), Andrés Gutiérrez (BA), Sergio Jiménez (BA), Víctor Lacima (eH), Juan Fernando Martínez (BA), Margarita Martínez (eH), Ana María Noriega (BA), Juan Camilo Ortegón (BA), Mª Ángeles Peñalver (eH), Abraham Piñate (eH), Juan Reyes (BA), María Ríus (eH), Alberto Roa (BA), Luis Ángel Rivera (BA), Beatriz Salinas (eH), Paula Sopó (BA), Martha Sosa Dias (eH), Catalina Venegas (BA)
Structural Engineering: Consorcio P&P y CNI (Col), BOMA (SP).
Geotechnical Engineering: LFO Ingenieros de Suelos
Plumbing Engineering: Álvaro Tapias & Cía.
Electrical Engineering: SM&A
VHAC Engineering: Álvaro Tapias & Cía.
Cost Consultant: Payc Ltda.
Acoustics Design: ADT (Col), Akustiks (USA)
Lighting Design: MTS (Col), ALS (SP)
Vertical Circulation Systems Design: Rafael Beltrán
Kitchen Design: Motta & Rodriguez
Landscape Design: Arquitectura y Paisaje, Diana Wiesner
Regulations Consultant: Trayectoria S.A
Sustainability: Arquitectura & Bioclimática (Col), ARUP (SP)
Identity: Norberto Chaves (SP)
Signage: Fotoletras (Col), Joaquín Gallego (SP)
Operations and Programming Consultant: Conventional Wisdom (USA)
Building Automation, Security and Fire Safety Consultant: AGR y Cía.
Topography: ATS Ingeniería Geomática
Construction Management: PAYC ltda
Photography: Javier Callejas, Federico Cairoli, Andrés Valbuena, Enrique Guzmán.
Text: Juan Herreros

Located on a site of almost 2 hectares in the geographical heart of the city of Bogotá, halfway between the historic center (3km) and the international airport (8km), AGORA BOGOTA establishes a key piece of the city´s fair and exhibition complex, Corferias. The project settles in a dynamic urban area undergoing a process of consolidation and regeneration, characterized by deficit of well-defined public space. In order to liberate as much public space as possible, the project opts for verticality. With 5 main floors above ground level and 2 basement decks, the building occupies an 81×81 mt square in plan and reaches up to 49 mt high.

Of the 64.883 m2 of built area, 33.722 m2 are situated underground and dedicated to parking areas (1.055 cars), technical and maintenance rooms, storage areas and loading docks, as well as a fully equipped kitchen with a production capacity of 2.500 meals. The remaining 31.161 m2, above street level, accommodate all of the public program, with meeting rooms and lobbies for conventions up to 2.500 assistants, or several smaller events simultaneously. It also contains all of the directly related service areas: restrooms, kitchen satellites and furniture storages. The main hall on the upper fifth floor has a capacity of hosting singular events of up to 4.000 people, for concerts, conferences or any other event that falls out of the usual convention type.

The public spaces around the building specifically respond to each of the distinct urban conditions, aiming to complement the preexisting deficiencies and to enrich the area as a whole. To the north, the public square parallel to the Avenida de la Esperanza marks the main access to the building, but also articulates the encounter of the convention center (Ágora Bogotá), the fairground (Corferias) and the city. The west strip alongside the Carrera 40 proposes a dense green area, serving as a place of contemplation and informal encounter. The south side, towards Corferias´ main parking building, organizes all vehicular flows: passenger drop-off, bus platform and accesses to the underground public parking and the loading dock. Finally, the east side plaza functions as a generous esplanade where open air events related to the convention center and the fairground can take place.

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