Bermúdez Arquitectos

28/05/2019 | Conference “Architecture meets Urban Policy Making: The Case of Bogota’s existing Gated Communities” will be held on May 28th on ETH Zürich University.

“In a city where roughly 1/3 of its population lives in gated communities, dealing with the phenomenon of the existing urban fabric asks for a fair amount of creativity. In the Architecture program at UNAL Bogotá, Professor Ramón Bermúdez leads a design studio on possibilities of densifying existing gated communities in central Bogotá and building a new relation with the street. How should urban policies be modified in order to embrace these interventions in the existing city? How can these urban theories and concepts permeate the contemporary architecture practice in Colombia?”1

The architect Ramón Bermúdez will attend ETH Zürich University as a visiting professor and will participate as a guest lecturer in the Spring Semester Colloquium that will be held on tuesdays starting on February up until May. His lecture will be on May 28th starting at 5:15pm followed up by and open discussion.

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1 Extracted from ETH Zürich website