Bermúdez Arquitectos

Bermúdez Arquitectos is a professional structure designed to cover a wide range of needs related to architecture, landscape urbanism and landscape architecture.

Daniel Bermúdez Samper

Graduated as an Architect from the Universidad de Los Andes in 1973, studio teacher in the same university since 1975, where he today holds the position of Emeritus Professor. As a practicing architect, he has realized innumerable projects, of which stand out: the urban plan ´Ciudad Salitre´ in Bogotá. The campus master plan and several buildings for the Universidad de Los Andes, among which are the Alberto Lleras Camargo and the Carlos Pacheco Devia buildings. The central library, auditorium, art gallery, postgraduate studies building and surrounding public space of the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano. Two of the four main municipal libraries of Bogotá; Biblioteca Pública El Tintal and Centro Cultural Biblioteca Pública Julio Mario Santo Domingo.

Most recent projects include the Ágora Bogotá convention center, winner of the XXVI Colombian Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism. Currently, together with Diego and Ramón Bermúdez, he is working on several projects, among which are the university campuses for both, Villavicencio and Neiva for the Universidad Minuto de Dios and the design for the theater campus of the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla.

His work has been widely published, awarded and reviewed. He has been an invited professor in various universities in Colombia and abroad, and a member of numerous competition juries. He presently maintains his honorary teaching position and is frequent guest lecturer at a wide range of institutions.


1985 Visiting professor to the Urban Design summer class, Pratt Institute. New York.
1975 – present Architecture and Urban Design professor for the Architecture Department of the Universidad de los Andes. Bogotá.
2013 Emeritus Professor title from the Universidad de los Andes. Bogotá.

Ramón Bermúdez Obregón

Architect of the Universidad de los Andes since 2007, with postgraduate studies in social housing strategies at the ETSAM in Madrid, 2009.

Currently he teaches Architectural Design at the Universidad Nacional in Bogotá and is project director at Bermúdez Arquitectos, among which are the Agorá Bogotá convention center, in cooperation with Estudio Herreros (Madrid), recently completed and presented with the XXVI Colombian Architecture Biennial as the best architectural project.

Collectively with Daniel Bermúdez he has co-directed the CAN Building 1 and the Astronomic Hotel in Villa de Leyva competitions among others. He is the head in charge of the Uniminuto university campuses in Neiva and Villavicencio, currently under construction.


Ramón Bermúdez has produced content for architectural publications, academic work and research articles. He participated as guest judge for workshops and as guest speaker for several universities among which are the UPC Barcelona on Josep Maria Montaner “Vivienda del sXXI” housing lab, the ETSAM in Madrid for the Master of Collective Housing (MCH) under the Herreros unit, Cornell University at the Bogotá workshop with Julián Palacio and the ETH Zürich for both the ISTP Colloquium as well as a guest judge for the final projects of the semester on Marc Angelil’s workshop.

He is a professor at the Universidad Nacional de Bogotá since 2015 where collectively with Sebastian Serna, they teach a vertical workshop for urban projects focused on the enclave architecture and gated communities in Bogotá.

Diego Bermúdez Obregón
Landscape Architect

Architect of the Universidad de los Andes with a Master in Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. He received the first VISS prize for his graduation project in 2011, and the Nerandra Juneja Medal, awarded by the University of Pennsylvania. At Bermúdez Arquitectos, Diego directs the landscape urbanism and landscape architecture projects such as outdoor areas and rainwater drainage on the studio’s projects. In 2016 he directed the winning design for the competition ´Adaptación al cambio climático del Barrio Boston´, devising strategies to prepare a city district of Cartagena for the effects climate change. The proposal obtained first prize and was then further developed to schematic design.


Diego Bermúdez is a professor at the Universidad de los Andes since 2017 where he teaches Projects Workshop within the Intermediate Landscape Architecture Unit. In addition, he is part of the coordinator group for the Cartagena’s International Architecture workshop. Starting in January of 2019, he will be working collectively with the University of Pennsylvania developing a research centered on the conflict between urban growth and biodiversity.

Current Collaborators

Paula Sopó
Architect, Universidad de Los Andes (2013). Joined Bermúdez Arquitectos in August 2013.

Carlos Santamaría
Architect, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (2018). Joined Bermúdez Arquitectos in October 2018.

Jaime Barrera
Architect, Universidad de Los Andes (2013). Joined Bermúdez Arquitectos in October 2013.

Daniela Cháves
Architect, Universidad de los Andes (2018). Joined Bermúdez Arquitectos in December 2018.

Luis Ángel Rivera
Architect, Universidad Nacional (2014). Joined Bermúdez Arquitectos in July 2014.

Juliana Gutiérrez
Architect, Universidad de los Andes (2019). Joined Bermúdez Arquitectos in July 2019.

Daniela Almansa
Architect, Universidad de Los Andes (2017). Joined Bermúdez Arquitectos in November 2017.

Santiago Izquierdo
Architect, Universidad de los Andes (2018). Joined Bermúdez Arquitectos in February 2018.

Andrés Solano
Architect, Universidad de los Andes (2019). Joined Bermúdez Arquitectos in October 2018.

Administrative Director

Inés Obregón

Administrative Staff

Sandra Devia
Geraldine Rojas
Paola Gómez

Supporting Staff

Genaro Garzón Valbuena 
Stella González

Former Collaborators

Cristina García, Tatihana González, Valeria Gómez, Ricardo Ariza, Juan David Herrera, Juan Antonio Olarte, Maria José Castañeda, David Caballero, Juan Camilo Ortegón, Diana Barrera, Josephine Philipsen, Stan van der Maas, Santiago Salazar, David Barbosa, Laura Dorado, Natalia Rodriguez, Sergio Jiménez, Laura Quintero, Paola Castañeda, Silvia Rueda, Juan Carlos Ardila, Juan Martínez, Ana María Noriega, Eduardo Sánchez, Alberto Roa, Juan Reyes, Julián Beltrán, Maria Catalina Venegas, David Gómez, Juan Camilo Brito, Andrés Gutiérrez, Mariana Orozco, Diego Soto, María Alejandra Carmona, Laura Cobo, Jorge Pardo, Alejandra Novoa, John Oscar Pinzón, Fredy Fortich, Mónica Hernández, Guadalupe Hernández, Viviana Gómez, Nadia Méndez, María Fernanda Pizarro, Rodrigo Dávila, Angel Esteban Rodríguez, Ricardo Schoonewolff, Julián Castro, Felipe Gómez, Juana Silva Ortíz, Evelyn Tatiana Delgado, Gabriel Castelblanco, Fabián Sellamen, Ronnie Hans Robles, Sergio Reyes, Patricia López, Adolfo Sastre, Camilo Villegas, Plinio Bernal, Paola Cáceres, Jorge Bonilla, Jaime Romero, Diego Buriticá, Andrés Rodríguez, Mauricio Medina, Henry González, Santiago Llana, Fabián Medina, Javier Ruiz, Andrés Gómez, Iván Ozuna Mota, Ricardo Montoya Ballén, Mónica Villalobos Leal, Catalina Iannini J., Alvaro Avendaño C, Héctor Gómez Iriarte, Jorge Eduardo Jones P, José Vicente Beltrán C, Pedro J. Jaramillo, José Fulop, Liliana García, Gerardo Vanegas Céspedes, Erika Cantera, Beny Tiburcio, Haydee Hurtado, Wilson León Viviana Rozo, Andrés Portillo, Pedro León Castillo, Henry Bustamante, Jaime Monroy, Javier Niebles, Maybe Melendes, Liliana González, Isabel Figueroa, Jorge Hernández, Oscar Flechas, Peter Bright, Ricardo La Rotta, Patricia Licht, Billy Cappa, Luis Hernando Supelano, José Luis Contento G, Guillermo Acuña, José Alejandro Bermúdez, Germán Preciado Achury, Miriam Rueda, Omar Cepeda Jaramillo, Camilo Hernández García, A.D.L.T., Otto Quintero, M.L.G., M.M.B.