Design: Daniel Bermúdez

Design Team: John Oscar Pinzón, Stan Van der Maas, Jorge Pardo, Mónica Hernández, Fredy Fortich

Structural Engineering: PCA, Armando Palomino

Acoustics Design: ADT Daniel Duplat

Theater Consultant: Akustiks, Jaume Soler.

Sustainability: Arquitectura & Bioclimática, Jorge Ramírez

Electrical Engineering: SM&A, Jaime Sánchez

Text: Alberto Escovar

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Following the Master Plan developed for the Colegio Nueva Granada, Bermúdez Arquitectos proposes a building at the geographical center of the campus that serves as the heart of the school campus and accommodates the performing arts center and main cafeteria. The ground floor level includes a service driveway that lineally crosses the entire building volume, accessing each section. The main level accommodates the cafeteria and theater on the rear side of the slope, and the rooms on the front, offering panoramic views and excellent natural lighting conditions. On top of the rooms a green terrace is located, while a second, smaller café is placed above the theater, at the height of the adjacent sports fields. The project makes efficient use of the sloping terrain, gaining space for new programs and restoring the lost green areas with roof gardens and terraces in direct relationship with the surrounding landscape. The employed brickwork, also present in the existing school buildings designed by Guillermo Bermúdez, establishes a harmonious dialogue with the direct context.

This major cultural complex, sitting on Bogotá´s eastern mountains, combines knowledge acquired in previous cultural and educational projects and constitutes a renewed, time-spanning encounter between Daniel and Guillermo Bermúdez.